¿Por qué el Consumo Colaborativo es algo más que una tendencia?

Estas vacaciones en lugar de escribir, he optado por leer 😉 . Así que aquí os dejo un mini extracto del libro de Rachel Bostman, What’s Mine is Yours (un must), que resuelve con sencillez y excelencia esta pregunta:

“The last two hundred years of industrialized growth we have depleted our natural resources, spewed poisonous gases into our atmosphere, and created wasteful products that will far outlive our own existence. In essence we have taken without the intent of giving or ever repaying.(…).

We created a way of raising standards of living that we can’t possibly pass on to our children (…).

What's Mine is Yours

What’s Mine is Yours, The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

We have witnessed the power of economic markets to create efficiencies that have produced extraordinary leaps of innovation and starndards of ling. At te heart of this lies the human impulse for self-interest and survival.

If we can channel this energy away from consumer excess into community bonds and plantery survival, we may reverse the errors of our past (…)”.

Aquí es donde entra en juego, la Economía Colaborativa:

“Collaborative Consumption is a new promising economic and social mechanism that starts to balance individual needs with those of our communities and planet. “



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